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Welcome to Boating!

Boating is a resource for those who love to boat – and boat safely.

Recreational boating is fun and enjoyable, and we are fortunate that we have sufficient resources to accommodate the wide variety of pleasure boating demands. While being a marvelous source of recreation and fun, boating can be a risky sport to the unprepared.


Wear a Lifejacket, Don’t Drink and Boat, and
Take a Boater Safety Course!

This website’s mandate is to promote the three key topics that we feel will make the most impact for boating safety: Wearing a PFD or Lifejacket, Boating Sober, and taking a Boater Education Course.

Become a Safer and Smarter Boater…TAKE A BOATING SAFETY COURSE!

Not knowing the Navigation Rules, drinking alcohol or taking drugs while operating a boat, or choosing not to wear your life jacket is clearly not the smart thing to do. Taking a boating safety course is a good idea to ensure every trip is also a safe return trip.


The importance of wearing a PFD (Personal Floatation Device) or lifejacket can’t be understated. It is a simple task that has the potential to reduce terrible loss in lives. 90% of drowned boaters were not wearing a PFD or lifejacket at the time of the incident.

Boat Safe, Boat Sober…DON’T DRINK AND BOAT!

There’s only one way to responsibly mix alcohol with boating. Don’t. As a boater you are encouraged to boat sober and make a commitment to staying safe on the water. Drinking and boating can be just as lethal as drinking and driving. In fact, alcohol is an element in over 40% of recreational boating fatalities. State and federal law enforcement bodies take the matter very seriously. Boating while impaired is an offense in most states and alcohol-screening devices are regularly used on boaters.

Boat Safe: ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET! Boat Sober: Operation Dry Water  
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